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Study Finds Dental Offices Among Safest, Most Essential Businesses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

This was a great resource from one of our daily ADA emails. Click the links to read more:
Fast Company (6/15, Cohen) reported that a new study “identifies the businesses that have the best overall risk-benefit profiles when weighing important factors such as essential value to shoppers and the economy, as well as relative risk of contracting COVID-19 – or as one researcher put it, which businesses give us the most bang for our buck.” For the study, “data crunchers at MIT analyzed 26 categories of businesses by a dozen metrics for necessity and crowdedness,” determining that banks, dentists, colleges, and universities are the “most essential and safest” businesses to visit during the pandemic. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
        Business Insider (6/12, Secon) also reported.
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